Brave Little Tank is here. Time to shout!


It’s been nearly two years since Chris and myself began the foundations towards our own digital agency.

We hadn’t sat down and specifically decided it was time to add another business to the already very crowded pool companies offering digital marketing and web services, it just made sense to offer the skills & services that we’d honed over the last decade of our careers.

As such, it’s not been a priority for us to actively market ourselves, scooping up work that came to us organically and through referrals. However, with the launch of our new brand Brave Little Tank and taking some time for some decision making on the direction we want to go, we’re ready to turn the gears up a notch.

We’ll be staying in Kent, working out of our office which straddles Rochester and Chatham. Our little team be pushing ourselves as a digital marketing & creative agency and means we’re competing with a lot of other talented individuals and teams, some who are fresh blood and just starting their own journey and others who have had time to refine their offering, as always though, our offering is suited to the objectives of our clients, not to a generic marketing checklist.

Although we’re in Kent, that won’t restrict our reach, continuing to work nationally as well as locally. Our new direction and branding has given us a new sense of purpose and ambition and for the first time in two years, we’ll be actively marketing ourselves.

Blogging about my interests


I’m pretty rusty at writing that has anything to do with my own personal thoughts, feelings or interests but I’m determined to improve, not less because for me, writing with a pen is slow and I can’t read my own hand writing. And after touch typing for the last 15 years it would be ridiculous not to take more advantage of it, perhaps it might even improve my spelling.

I don’t claim to have amazing grammar, I’m still not even that great at structuring content in a meaningful way, but writing helps us think and put things in perspective.

Back on the topic of my interests, it has recently dawned on me that I have very little in the way of interests, hobbies or things I can truly say I am passionate about. I see other people who seem genuinely pleased and excited about things I couldn’t care less about and wonder, ‘are you genuinely happy about that, or is this for someone else benefit? These people make my question myself, I’m happy that so much fascinates or distracts them, but seriously, shouldn’t I have something I can say I enjoy?

The one great constant in my life has been computer games. Something I and probably a lot of people expect someone my age to have grown out of by now, but it’s still something that I can honestly say I enjoy.

There are few things that will completely absorb me, sci-fi tv / films, an interesting problem that needs solving, and gaming. Probably because it incorporates both of those things, but ultimately because of the completely varied, and infinite creatively behind them.

Gaming has become something that is a hobby to me, I’m pleased to say it’s not just me, the rise of e-sports has been furiously documented over the last couple of years, you now have fanatics who will support a team or player in competitive matches.

We are at a turning point of where gaming is becoming a sport or hobby, albeit one that needs to be thought of like a diet, rather than a physical activity, due to the massive lack of physical movement that is currently* required to enjoy most games in 2015.

*VR is coming.

With the revelation that I actually enjoy something, I’ll be looking once again to create a meaningful amount of content around gaming in the near future. I don’t go in for the competitive side of gaming, I enjoy the narrative, exploration and learning they offer, they also offer a way to connect with friends who have moved far away. Most of the people I grew up with no-longer live within a commutable distance, and so, we interact online through games.

If that doesn’t make sense to you, try to imagine only meeting up with your school / college friends every once in a blue moon, at a convenient location, to do a specific activity… like mountain climbing. You talk, catch up and have fun in the process. This is exactly the same, exactly, except much less risk of falling to your death.

It turns out, I also have a couple of other interests such as building things with my hands, I used to enjoy cars and racing, but now I just see cars as a tool to get from a to b.

We win bronze and silver at the Kent Digital Awards


I write We, I mean our marketing agency ‘Ten & Bourne’. We’re still an early stage company, still finding our feet and not trying to run before we can walk, and so it is great to receive recognition for the work we have been doing so far, before what I will call ‘the big push’.

The Kent Digital Awards recently rolled into town, we decided to enter a small selection of work for a number of categories. Amazingly, we were selected as finalists for with clients that we love working with, Trulawn, an artificial grass installation and manufacturer in Sandhurst, Berkshire, and Sony Computer Entertainment Europe’s (SCEE) London based R&D Division.

Both of these companies helped push us further as a business, helping us refine what we offer and who we work with.

Unfortunately we weren’t awarded any of the top places for our digital marketing campaign for Trulawn, but took home Bronze and Silver awards for SCEE, in best Blog and best Sports & Entertainment categories respectively. I guess aesthetics is easier to judge than conversion improvement!

You can see a full write up of the KDA 2015 award night on their website. The food was pretty great, and there were plenty of past colleagues to see and new contacts to meet.

I want to thank everyone who was a part of the Ten & Bourne team for each of these clients, we’re proud to have been nominated as finalists and completely surprised to come home with awards.


The evening was supported by a stand up comic / ex tv anti-personality, in Maidstone (nice and local!) we hope they return next year and look forward to entering next year. It’s helping put the local area on the map for digital agencies, Maidstone taking the centre stage as a digital hub in Kent.