My first accelerator experience. T-minus 30 days

So last week I travelled to Sheffield with Chris Mead to pitch my latest start-up to investors for placement on the 3 month dotforge accelerator programme and investment / equity deal. I’m pleased to say that GigOwl has been accepted! I’ll be in Sheffield from April 22, with Chris as Co-Founder, where we’ll be working with 7 other

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Google’s Project Glass – Do you REALLY want it?

I am excited massively be the idea of Google glasses, or Project Glass if you want the secret dossier style name, the thoughts that buzz around my head with the concept of this technology… I just can’t wait. People who know me, they’ll tell you I’ve not been a fan of Apple, never have –

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Marketing can be fun.

It’s been 2 weeks since I left my day job, and nearly two years since I officially worked in an agency marketing role but I’ve just realised something about myself. Whether it’s the planning and strategy, the learning of new ideas, tricks and methods to use different technologies or what, but its something I get

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One week down

So I’ve been free of the 9-5 flow for just over a week now, have I been treating it as a holiday, am I actually doing things? Do I know what I am actually doing? Ive… Consolidated my email into one cloud system and practising the inbox zero mantra. Established a base-line of objectives for GigOwl, I’ve a core platform

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The next chapter

Around this time just over a year ago, I had just completed a long weekend road trip that took myself and 3 others across Europe in a couple of £500, clapped out cars from Kent, UK to the home of Ferrari in Modena, Italy and back again sponsored by GForces, in aid of a charity

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Screen shot 2012-12-19 at 20.20.44

You’re never as prepared as you think

In October I attended a startup event in London, Launch48. I recommend you try it too, even if you aren’t looking to commit to the startup scene. To me this was a chance to pitch an idea (in 60 freaking seconds), meet all kinds of new people and get opinions or feedback from mentors, investors

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Drive, roles and goals

I actually cut this entire post from The end of the beginning as it was starting to become a tangent, they share references so it’s best to give the earlier post a read first. The image has no relevance here, its just a doodle.   What drives me is, having the idea and vision for

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Great design, responsive portfolio

If you are finding yourself in need of some inspiration to get your design portfolio up to scratch, then here is a great looking one from an amazing designer and good friend of mine. Notice how the design scales for use on desktop, through to mobile device, and doesn’t follow your traditional web layout. If you’re looking to have

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Learning and earning

Not many posts recently, mostly because I have been getting my hands dirty with educating myself, missing out of 2 or so years worth of hands on technologies and processes. This week I have mostly been: Creating a Virtual Machine Hackintosh Registering as an Apple Developer for iOS Researching and developing ideas for Launch 48

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Learning from Photography

I’m still very much getting used to my wacom bamboo (get one, right now if you don’t already have one, the best £50 you’ll ever spend). I have never been much of a traditional painter, but I know my way around Photoshop so the two combined is like an entirely new learning experience. To give myself

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Lunchtime Doodle – 15 Sept 12

I’m aiming to do at least one sketch or idea a day to practise, get faster and to generally just because I like to do it. I’ll probably come back to this one to finish off the render, so i’ll link the posts up when I add more onto this. As you can see I

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