Brave Little Tank is here. Time to shout!

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It’s been nearly two years since Chris and myself began the foundations towards our own digital agency. We hadn’t sat down and specifically decided it was time to add another business to the already very crowded pool companies offering digital marketing and web services, it just made sense to offer the skills & services that we’d honed over the last decade of ourRead more

Blogging about my interests

I’m pretty rusty at writing that has anything to do with my own personal thoughts, feelings or interests but I’m determined to improve, not less because for me, writing with a pen is slow and I can’t read my own hand writing. And after touch typing for the last 15 years it would be ridiculousRead more

We win bronze and silver at the Kent Digital Awards

I write We, I mean our marketing agency ‘Ten & Bourne’. We’re still an early stage company, still finding our feet and not trying to run before we can walk, and so it is great to receive recognition for the work we have been doing so far, before what I will call ‘the big push’. The Kent DigitalRead more