Brave Little Tank is here. Time to shout!


It’s been nearly two years since Chris and myself began the foundations towards our own digital agency.

We hadn’t sat down and specifically decided it was time to add another business to the already very crowded pool companies offering digital marketing and web services, it just made sense to offer the skills & services that we’d honed over the last decade of our careers.

As such, it’s not been a priority for us to actively market ourselves, scooping up work that came to us organically and through referrals. However, with the launch of our new brand Brave Little Tank and taking some time for some decision making on the direction we want to go, we’re ready to turn the gears up a notch.

We’ll be staying in Kent, working out of our office which straddles Rochester and Chatham. Our little team be pushing ourselves as a digital marketing & creative agency and means we’re competing with a lot of other talented individuals and teams, some who are fresh blood and just starting their own journey and others who have had time to refine their offering, as always though, our offering is suited to the objectives of our clients, not to a generic marketing checklist.

Although we’re in Kent, that won’t restrict our reach, continuing to work nationally as well as locally. Our new direction and branding has given us a new sense of purpose and ambition and for the first time in two years, we’ll be actively marketing ourselves.

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