I actually cut this entire post from The end of the beginning as it was starting to become a tangent, they share references so it’s best to give the earlier post a read first. The image has no relevance here, its just a doodle.

What drives me is, having the idea and vision for a product and wanting to deliver on that vision, and at some point this year I realised I need to stop sacrificing what i want to achieve, for somebody else’s goals.

I don’t think I’ll ever be happy focusing on just one element of a product or business, I don’t care about job titles or positions and whilst I hated education, I still love to learn more and discover the how-to behind subjects and interests that matter to me.

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Co-founder of tenbourne / brave little tank. A small digital agency just outside London helping businesses make the most of digital. UCA and Dotforge accelerator alum. Loves building ideas & start-ups into companies.

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