So I’ve been free of the 9-5 flow for just over a week now, have I been treating it as a holiday, am I actually doing things? Do I know what I am actually doing?


  1. Consolidated my email into one cloud system and practising the inbox zero mantra.
  2. Established a base-line of objectives for GigOwl, I’ve a core platform diagram on my whiteboard and every’tin.
  3. Explored & researched the a possible pivot on GigOwl to give a better selling proposition.
  4. Registered as self employed.
  5. Opened my business bank account.
  6. Learnt how to give my old white Macbook a new lease of life with an SSD and how to reinstall without boot discs.
  7. Getting my teeth into CodeIgniter and the making use of the twitter bootstrap for GigOwl – live prototpying. CI looks to be a great framework for a rookie like me to pick up fast.
  8. Staying up till 5am – 7am a couple of nights, then sleeping in till 11 am, due to the above.
  9. Working on a freelance website due for launch end of month.
  10. Met up for a few good drinks with a few good people.
  11. Got myself a new mobile phone number, still waiting on apple to unlock the iPhone before that becomes useful…
  12. Consumed over 22 litres of sparking water!
  13. Setup client invoicing.
  14. Started work on validating another idea (not very tech)
  15. Researched more GigOwl competitors
  16. Started work on GigOwl’s blog!
  17. Did more exercise than the week before when I worked 9-5.

Didn’t manage to do

  1. More validation
  2. More prototype
  3. More meetings with collaborators
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Co-founder of tenbourne / brave little tank. A small digital agency just outside London helping businesses make the most of digital. UCA and Dotforge accelerator alum. Loves building ideas & start-ups into companies.

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